Sunday, 9 September 2012

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Cyber scammer threatens to rape and murder disgruntled customers
Vitaly Borker is learning the hard way that violently threatening complaining customers is an unacceptable business practice, especially when operating a scam. Borker duped hundreds into purchasing knock off sun glasses at designer prices on a website ...
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Jackson County Sheriff's Office warns of phone scams
The scammer then tells the potential victim they have to pay a $2,800 deposit to cover taxes before the winnings can be collected. The scammer uses the phone number 867-843-9397. The second scam is where the caller says they have to make a delivery.
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Attorney General warns of grandparents scam
DeWine said in the scam, grandparents will receive a phone call from a phony grandchild, saying they are re in trouble and in need of money. The scammer asks for the money to be wired. So far, 50 complaints have been reported where an average of $5,000 ...
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