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Inside the strange Hollywood scam that spread chaos across the Middle East
The Guardian
On September 13, US law enforcement officials confirmed that "Sam Bacile" was an alias Nakoula used to advance his various scams, which apparently included the production of The Innocence of Muslims. According to an actor in the film, the all-volunteer ...
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The Guardian
Goa iron ore scam may have a gold lining: Congress spokesman
New York Daily News
The Commission has estimated Goa's mining scam at Rs.35,000 crore ($350 billion) and said that a mafia-like nexus among politicians, bureaucrats and the mining lobby is responsible. According to records available with the state directorate for mines ...
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Facebook "Scam" Over Boy's Alleged Death Was a Misunderstanding
NBC Southern California
Fake Facebook Memorial Page Was Mistake. A Facebook page meant to memorialize an Orange County 7-year-old was though to be a scam - because the boy is alive. But it turns out to be the result of a misunderstanding between two teens who know him.
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Scams spread, scamsters get bolder
New Delhi: Scams and scandals, which usually refer to plundering of public money in connivance with the authorities who get their cut while the nation suffers, it may appear are an integral part of the world's largest democracy — India. Within a year ...
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Ten arrested in loan modification scam
San Gabriel Valley Tribune
RANCHO CUCAMONGA - Ten people who allegedly preyed on homeowners' fears due to the housing market crisis were arrested by federal agents Wednesday morning after they were linked to a loan modification scam that authorities say bilked thousands ...
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Twist to Common Lottery Scam Troubles Consumers
A new variation of an age-old scam has been reported throughout Arkansas in recent weeks, leaving consumers uneasy about the possibility that con artists may be paying a visit to their homes. The twist on the common "international lottery" scam ...
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Dubai rental scam widens
Dubai rent scam victims are planning legal action in a bid to recover hundreds of thousands of dirhams lost in the swindle. At a meeting Thursday, spurned clients of one company caught up in the scandal, FHS, took the step of consulting with a lawyer ...
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Victims angry gambling scam still operating
ABC Online
Victims of an internet scam based on the Gold Coast say Queensland Police are not doing enough to shut it down. Clients are promised that bets will be made on sporting events on their behalf, but it is believed the money is simply withdrawn. New South ...
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Mining scam: Centre suspends environmental clearance of 93 Goa mines
India Today
The suspension of environment clearance comes after the Justice MB Shah Commission report, which was tabled in Parliament on Friday, said that Goa's iron ore mining scam was worth nearly Rs 35,000 crore. Justice Shah in his report also indicted the ...
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India Today

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