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Woman bilked after scammer convinces her she won contest
Wisconsin State Journal
Police said the victim sent two money orders worth $2,750 to the scammer, one to pay taxes on the money prize of $3.5 million, the other money order to pay for delivery fees on the new car she was told she won. "The victim initially thought this was a ...
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Scammers target anyone's money in Franklin County
Chambersburg Public Opinion
A woman in the human resources department at her job informed Sanders that the scammer called with the last four digits of her Social Security number. A day went by and "Green" was still calling. "I come and arrest you in one hour. One hour!" he ...
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Scammer wanted cash to wash money
A friendship founded on motocross has foundered amid court action over who was responsible for sending nearly half a million dollars to international scammers. Joanne Donaldson, of Hanmer Springs, and David Craig, of Whitianga, locked horns in the High ...
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How to Spot an Internet Scam
Opposing Views
But if an email claims to be in response to some urgent matter – your account being compromised, for instance – you should stop and consider whether a scammer is trying to scare you into making a rash decision. (That's especially true for emails that ...
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Opposing Views
DCP warns about new utilities payment scam
Norwalk Plus Magazine
HARTFORD, CT - Scammers are posing as representatives of the Connecticut Light and Power Company and are seeking immediate payments from Connecticut residents, Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner William Rubenstein warned today ...
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Wall Street scammer ducks prison by working for CIA
Press TV
Wall Street scammer ducks prison by working for CIA. Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:2AM. Share | Email | Print. Felix Sater. A Russian businessman charged with cheating investors on Wall Street struck a deal with the CIA: Reduce my punishment to nearly nothing, ...
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Press TV

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