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Scammer targeting Knox businesses with "bail bond" ploy
Knoxville News Sentinel
The scammer then says the boss has asked the employees to take money from the register or safe, and arranges a time and place to pick up the cash, which usually totals a few hundred dollars, DeBusk said. Bottom line, DeBusk emphasized that law ...
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SCAMMERS: Their antics and victims
Nigerian Tribune
The evolution of technology has made the operation of scammers very easy. Sulaimon Olanrewaju examines some of the antics used by scammers to suck in their victims. CYNTHIA Okosogu's alleged killers might have drawn their inspiration of luring the ...
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Avoid These 6 Mortgage Relief Scams
Fox Business
Many mortgage scammers have been arrested, but plenty more are trying to take advantage of homeowners' financial woes. Here are some examples of common mortgage relief scams. Scammers posing as official counselors. Several Florida men were ...
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Police Blotter: Scammer Targets Woman on Dating Site
Police Blotter: Scammer Targets Woman on Dating Site. The following information was supplied by the Buffalo Grove Police Department. Arrests do not indicate a conviction. Email with questions about this blotter. By Cristel Mohrman ...
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Your Home Is A Scam Magnet
Business Insider
Another attraction for scammers -- and risk for you -- is the scammer's opportunity to install equipment, such as a water purification system, burglar alarm, satellite dish or whatever, in your home very quickly, Grossman explains. "The salesperson ...
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Business Insider
VICTIMS SERVICES: Don't be a Pal to online scammers
Kamloops This Week
Most often, the scammer does not put anything in your account and emails you confirmation the money has been deposited and is being held for you. This 'confirmation' looks very much like it came from PayPal and may even include a link that appears to ...
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Warning issued regarding telephone scam
Monett Times
The scammers are apparently using an app for smart phones that changes the caller's actual telephone number to whatever number the caller wants to appear. The scammer programs in the number for the circuit court they are say they are calling from, and ...
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