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Accused scammer to face trial in Santa Cruz County on charges of forgery ...
San Jose Mercury News
SANTA CRUZ -- A judge this week ordered a Washington state native held on charges that he falsely billed an event as a fundraiser for O'Neill's Sea Odyssey but failed to provide funds to the nonprofit or pay several vendors. Patrick Aki, 40, was ...
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State Fair scammer sentenced in court Friday
State Fair scammer sentenced in court Friday. Updated: Friday, 28 Sep 2012, 1:14 PM EDT Published : Friday, 28 Sep 2012, 1:14 PM EDT. Staff Reports. INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - Sanrda Hurn, the woman accused of faking i njuries after the 2011 State Fair ...
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Scammer Admits To Scam While Trying To Rip Off Man
Jonathan Blanton with the Ohio Attorney General's Consumer Protection division said that scammers, especially those operating from oversees, are almost impossible to find and arrest. "It all comes down to stealing," Blanton said. "It's very difficult ...
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Local residents continue to fall prey to phone fraud
Janesville Gazette
Between the first call from the scammers and her planned trip to Walmart, Meredith learned that her grandson Brad was not in a Mexican jail. Instead, he was taking a biology exam at UW-Rock County. "The whole thing sounded so crazy that I thought it ...
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Union County Prosecutor's Office: Beware of Telephone Scams
Often scammers will pose as officials asking for credit card or banking information, saying they are calling on behalf of a jailed relative, or a friend in immediate financial trouble, said Prosecutor Theodore J. Romankow. "The scammers will talk ...
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Indiana Michigan warns of scam
Muncie Star Press
The scammer usually suggests the customer purchase a pre-paid money card. The customer is then directed to call another number where information from the card is obtained to steal its cash value. Indiana Michigan does not suggest purchase of money ...
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No Nobb as Surry Hills, Sydney, online rental scammer uncovered
Property Observer
If an online ad is offering a rental property at a quarter of what it would normally rent for and renters aren't allowed to inspect, then it's probably a scam. One prospective Sydney renter stumbled onto an online scam on the classified ad site Gumtree ...
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