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The Bombay Scammer
Nick is not this gentleman's real name, no matter how much he insists on it. It's a name designed to make tourists feel comfortable, so that they'll remember it when they call him back. It's also a name designed to make tourists feel like he's an ...
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Meat sale scammers persuade victims to write two checks
Bellingham Herald
One scammer was a 20-year-old man. He knocked on a door in the 6800 block of South Wapato Street and told a 59-year-old woman he was selling meat by the case. Was the woman interested? She was. She wrote a check. The man said the meat would be ...
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Phone scammers still up to their old tricks
North Platte Telegraph
"That's a very common scam," Investigator John Deal said. "When they call that other number, the person will tell them there are processing fees." The scammer will tell you that you must send that fee, sometimes thousands of dollars, to receive your prize.
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Tell Mel: Watch out for online romance scams
The News-Press
One reason scammers can keep getting away with scamming is they know so few people will come forward. This is particularly true with so-called romance scams. Few people want to admit they were taken by someone who stole not only their money, but their ...
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CXCs for $ale - Schools, employers and other institutions could be taking in ...
Jamaica Gleaner
The Sunday Gleaner has been able to purchase a solid pass in mathematics from a scammer who provided us with a preliminary result slip which is an almost perfect copy of the ones distributed by CXC. During a covert operation last week, a member of our ...
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Jamaica Gleaner
Craigslist scam - house hunters in Polk targeted
News Chief
She did her own research and found out that the scammer was using a name of a Polk County real estate agent and that the house was for sale, not for rent. McBride's instincts saved her, but several others actually lost money. Real estate agent Bill ...
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