Friday, 14 September 2012

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Scammers swarm through phone lines
The new motto for high-tech thieves may well be, "Reach out and swindle someone." Cellphones have made it easier to stay in touch, but they have also brought everyone closer to scam artists and tricksters, who are just a few numbers away from ...
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Watch for scammers trying to trick you with texts
Columbus Dispatch (blog)
Scammers are turning to texting as a way to trick consumers out of their credit-card number, bank account number or other financial information. The scam works like this: You receive a text that seems to be from your bank advising that there is a ...
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Police Warn Residents Not To Fall For Phone Scammer
Riverhead Town police are investigating two incidents where an alleged unknown male scammer has called residents and asked for payment of a delinquent water bill. Payment must be made immediately over the phone with a credit card, the caller states.
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Midvale woman concerned about risks of phone scams
Thanks to good thinking, she knew it was a scammer all four times. But she's worried others won't be as clever. Many aren't. The Utah Division of Consumer Protection said that every day they get complaints of similar situations. Unfortunately, many ...
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The New Rental Scam
NBC4 Washington
Because the scammer plucked Gordon's name and picture off the web. Assistant Special Agent in Charge Trent Teyema says the FBI has people working on these types of complaints every day. "In fact, today, I received three just before our meeting," he says.
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More con artists try phone call scams
Tucson Citizen
The phone scammer asks you to take a voter survey and says that at the end, you will get a free cruise. When you complete the bogus survey, the scammer asks for a debit or credit card number for port fees. Utility scam. A man at the other end of the ...
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