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Scammer sorry for crime spree
A scammer facing a jail term skipped her sentencing and continued with her crime spree, a court has heard. Two victims of Nikki Lee Turner, 20, were in the Christchurch District Court to see her jailed for two years and three months. They had tried to help her ...
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Brimfield police chief turns tables on scammer
Ravenna Record Courier
By Dave O'Brien | Staff Writer. Scam "artists" likely will be around as long as they believe they can pull a fast one and make a quick buck on gullible people, but they might think twice about trying to pull their scams in Brimfield for a while. Brimfield Police Chief ...
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Lawyers Have Lost $70M to ... Email Scammers
(Newser) – Even lawyers can be taken in by email scams—and one US Postal Inspector estimates law firms have lost at least $70 million to such scams since 2009, the Wall Street Journal reports. Scammers email lawyers—known for their eagerness to gain ...
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Microsoft Windows Support Call Scams: 7 Facts
Jacoby said the scammer then instructed him to execute a DOS command to reveal the system's unique ID and allow her to verify that it was referencing the correct--infected--system. The caller then read out the license ID, and asked Jacoby if it matched the ID ...
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To catch a scammer
Jonker said it's difficult to pin down an exact figure of how many scammers the site deals with – but assured BusinessTech that identified scam accounts are removed from the site, and any future attempts by those users to register on bidorbuy are blocked ...
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BBB explains Internet scams, details how to avoid them
Topeka Capital Journal
To help consumers understand the language of the scammer's world, the Better Business Bureau of Kansas Incorporated has put together a list of terms and their definitions. Learning what the terms mean can be helpful as consumers strategize ways to avoid ...
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Telephone scammers target businesses
Energy FM
Police are issuing a warning about a telephone scam after businesses were targeted by a bogus caller. The scammer has been telephoning companies to ask for sponsorship for a drug and alcohol awareness bookletGovernment organisations, alcohol ...
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Hackers ring alarm bells with call scams
Yorkshire Post
The caller claims to be from an online software or internet provider and that they have identified a problem with the householder's computer or internet connection. The scammer then attempts to obtain the user's account details by saying that in order to rectify ...
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Yorkshire Post

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