Saturday, 18 August 2012

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Examples of the most common seniors fraud
The Province
Last year, a Vancouver senior was bilked out of $10000 after she sent money to a scammer posing as a "favourite grandchild" over the phone, while Abbotsford Police warned of someone using Facebook to target seniors in a similar scheme. Lottery scam: ...
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Complaints in suspected scam mount
Concord Monitor
Suspected scammers who hit homes in Bow and Concord this week went door-to-door selling magazine subscriptions they claimed could be sent to soldiers overseas, the police said. Some of the scammers, believed to have traveled from out of the state, ...
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Local authorities warn of a new car wrapping scam
North Platte Telegraph
Once cashed, those funds are released to the scammer, typically someone overseas, and the victim is then responsible when the bank doesn't receive the funds. Brown said the company uses large corporations such as Monster Energy, Coca-Cola or ...
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