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Mom and adult son arrested for $2 million nationwide toy scam
Fox News
Michael and Margaret Pollara visited 139 Toys R Us in 27 states, including California, Hawaii and New York, buying nearly $7000 worth of small-ticket items to fuel their scam, according to the affidavit. Authorities were able to track Michael Pollara's ...
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The End of The Scam: Paul Ryan's Victory—or Defeat—Could Transform ...
The Plank on (blog)
My basic theory of current American politics, especially when it comes to budgets and spending, was forever shaped by an episode early in the time when I worked on Capitol Hill, near the tail end of the George H.W. Bush era. At the time, Republicans ...
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Police: Danville resident victim of scam; suspect nabbed in Los Angeles
San Jose Mercury News
A Danville resident who lost an undisclosed amount of money in what police called a lottery scam should serve as a cautionary tale, police said. The good news is the man's misfortune may have a happy ending. Police say they found the man responsible.
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Is Groupon a Scam or Just Misunderstood?
Another thing that has investors wondering whether Groupon is a scam is its business model: How can a company that puts its customers (in Groupon's case, merchants) at a disadvantage survive in the long run. Since Groupon reached a six-month high of ...
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FBI Warns of 'Drive-By' Internet Scam
The FBI is warning computer users of an Internet scam that freezes computers immediately and may leave behind malware that can operate in the background unnoticed. The virus is described as drive-by malware, also known as the Reveton ransomware, ...
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Susan Tompor: Locksmith Scam a New Twist
Source: By Susan Tompor Detroit Free Press (MCT) — Locks are supposed to keep the crooks away — or at least make them work harder. So who would imagine that there's a locksmith scam out there? If you need to change the locks, say someone stole your ...
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BBB Warns of Investment Scam Involving Purchasing of Iraqi Currency
KATC Lafayette News
In Dinar exchange scams, potential investors exchange U.S. currency for Dinar - on the premise that buying the Dinars could be a great investment if the value of the Iraqi money were to increase. It appears that in some cases these companies are not ...
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FairPoint's 'Beware of Area Code 876' campaign targets phone scams
Foster's Daily Democrat
According to an Associated Press article, "¿Western Union is temporarily shutting down its services in a northern Jamaican parish that is the hotbed for a multimillion-dollar lottery scam that targets mostly elderly Americans." The company indicated it ...
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AG Warns of Texting Scam Announcing $2M Award, and Seeking Your Personal ...
Pacific News Center
"This is absolutely a scam and I strongly advise the island community to disregard these text messages. Report them to our office and delete them after," said Bernie Alvarez, OAG Consumer Claims Advocate. The alleged Nokia promotion agent gave ...
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