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CMP warns of telephone scam
AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Central Maine Power says a telephone scam aimed at taking money from small businesses in southern Maine is continuing. The utility says customers report getting a call, and sometimes personal visits, from a man named ''Carlos'' ...
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Scam invalidates 613 weapons permits
Coshocton Tribune
News · Local News. COLUMBUS -- More than 600 licenses allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons in the Columbus area are invalid because three men issued falsified training certificates to the applicants, Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott said.
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Walter Reed's parking squeeze spurs a scam
Washington Post
Commuting by car in the Washington area can make cutthroats of the most compassionate of souls, even those, apparently, who care for America's war wounded. At Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, crowded with additional workers ...
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Scam warning involving prepaid debit cards
This is how the scam is explained in a news release from Sheriff Craig Webre, "a potential victim receives a phone call from someone claiming to be calling on behalf of Publishers Clearing House. The caller states the potential victim has won a large ...
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FBI Warns of New 'Drive-By' Internet Scam
The scam is described as a drive-by malware, known as the Reveton ransomware. Once infected, a person's computer immediately locks, and the monitor displays a screen stating there has been a violation of federal law, according to a news release from ...
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'Grandparents scam' strikes in Gig Harbor; police warn citizens
During another trip to Safeway, employees warned the woman her about the "grandparents scam," in which callers pose as grandchildren in need of emergency cash. That was enough to dissuade her from sending more money. The scam was confirmed ...
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"Black Money" Scam Busted in Traffic Stop
WPMI Local 15 News
A special ops traffic stop on I-10 in Mobile discovered "black money," a scam that has not been seen locally in decades. Carl Jenkins and Musa Koroma were stopped near the 3 mile marker by the Mobile County Sheriff's Office. A K9 alerted deputies to ...
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Sheriff warns of scams
The Review
LISBON - The rising number of people attempting to scam the elderly and other county residents prompted Sheriff Ray Stone to send out information on Friday to the local newspapers about some of the types of scams. Stone said some scams often involve ...
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Phone scam claims your debit card is locked
A new phone scam is hitting the Wichita area and the local Better Business Bureau wants to make sure you do not fall for it. Factfinder 12 has heard from several viewers who received one of the calls. The call begins with a recording claiming to be ...
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Neil Winget: Protect your wallet from grandparent scam
He knew her name when he called, said his name (a real name of a grandchild), and had other information about the family that was very convincing. This woman had heard and read the information about the "grandparents scam," produced by us and others, ...
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