Wednesday, 22 August 2012

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Political Calls a Popular Front for Scammers
LAS VEGAS - Political pollsters and campaigns may be giving your phone a workout for the next 76 days, but be leery of saying too much to anyone. Scammers are increasingly getting into the political game. These scam calls come in the form of opinion ...
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Scammers Target Local Non-Profit, People It Serves
by Heather Graf. COLUMBIA, Tenn. - Organizers of a non-profit that serves senior citizens and low-income residents in Maury County said con artists are using their good name to try to steal from the elderly. People Helping People Together has renovated ...
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Facebook scam hits the area
Georgetown News Democrat
Scammers have targeted Facebook as the vehicle for this scam. According to the Georgetown Police, scammers will look at profiles on the popular social networking site, and then create identical profiles, complete with newly registered email addresses.
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Microsoft and National Crime Prevention Council caution Singaporeans of ...
After gaining access into victim's computer, the scammer would remotely control or delete files to convince victim to buy additional software by purchasing online and providing their credit card details. In some cases, scammer may gain access to ...
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