Monday, 20 August 2012

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Police to Seniors: Beware of phone scams
Manchester Journal
The scam generally works as follows: The scammer calls the senior pretending to be the senior's grandchild. They tell the grandparent that they are in trouble and need money. Commonly, the scammer will claim to have been in a car accident or have been ...
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Police warn housing seekers of scam
"Once [potential renters] do reply to the ad, [the scammer] then sends out an email and states that he is a doctor and he and his wife are overseas," explained Phillips, who has responded to the ad himself. "People are coming up to our home, they are ...
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Why seniors may be more vulnerable to scams
Tonawanda News
They seem more trusting and more likely to fall for a scammer's pitch. But why, exactly? Conventional wisdom holds that older people are more trusting and, because they are from a generation that came of age at a time when people were more honest, they ...
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