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Admitted scammer Wesley Snyder wants trial
Lancaster Newspapers
Five years ago this fall, Wesley A. Snyder admitting running an intricate mortgage scam that tricked 800 victims out of $29 million. Based on that admission, a federal judge sentenced the Berks County businessman the next summer to 12 years in prison.
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Lancaster Newspapers
Deputies: Scammers using fear to collect cash
She said the scammer demanded $10000 for her ex-husband's release after being in a wreck with a Mercedes. If she didn't get them money - the caller would kill him. "First thing you think is, OK I haven't talked to this person so maybe they were in an accident ...
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Fraud Alert: Scammers Target Prepaid Cards
The Consumer Federation of America and the North American Consumer Protection Investigators collected information from 38 state, county and city agencies in 22 states to create its latest research work: the 2011 Consumer Complaint Survey Report.
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Brimfield Police Chief Calls Scammer Directly
Cleveland News - Fox 8
BRIMFIELD TWP., Ohio — A police chief known for calling out criminals on social media today called out to a phone scammer directly. Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver knew he wouldn't be able to catch the phone scammer, so he called him and gave the ...
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Cleveland News - Fox 8
Scammers use REMC name
Paoli News-Republican Online
Orange County REMC has learned that its company name is being used in a recent scam. Marcy Bennett of Orange County REMC reported that they have received phone calls from a couple of out-of-state people and one in-state person that said they have ...
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Minnesota News Briefs: Scam targeting Xcel Energy customers
Pierce County Herald
Scammers are calling customers claiming to be Xcel representatives and saying electric service will soon be cut off. The customer is then prompted to purchase a pre-paid Green Dot Visa card at a local drug store. When customers purchase the card and call ...
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Sheriff's office warns residents against kidnapping scam
Pine Island Eagle
Scammer: "We have kidnapped your brother (or other relative) and we are demanding you wire money for his (her) release or we will kill you and your entire family." In one incident, the victim contacted her brother while she was on the phone with the ...
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Mayhem follows suspected pressure-washer scammer
Saanich News
Jantzen, at the time, said the name "Kevin Gordon" was being used by the scammer. Oak Bay Det.-Const. Mike Martin says their fraud charge against Gordon stems from this pressure washing scam, where victims paid for services that were never completed.
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Microsoft Scam
Better Business Bureau (blog)
But, we all know the scammers will call you. We are unsure if the caller wanted a credit card number, access to the person's computer or some other personal information because the potential victim hung up before giving them the chance to say anything else.
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Cadiz, Kentucky Police Warn Of Hotel Scam
The scammer then asked for the customer's credit card information. The manager of the hotel was alerted by the customer of the scam and notified police. Investigators believe that this type of scam has become common across the country; although this was ...
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