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Scammer Scott Segal gets 46 months
Michael Scott Segal on trial in 2004 for attempting to kill his girlfriend. He was found guilty, but his sentence was shortened when he became an informant. By Elinor J. Brecher Calling him a "financial and emotional vulture'' for scamming unsuspecting ...
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FBI arrests NY, Fla. associates of convicted Ponzi scammer known as the 'mini ...
Washington Post
CENTRAL ISLIP, NY — Four associates of a New York businessman convicted in a $400 million Ponzi scheme were arrested early Wednesday on charges they pocketed nearly $38 million in commissions for their efforts in advancing the fraud, ...
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Prosecutors: Scammer caught on video in drag
New York Daily News
By Oren Yaniv / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS A Brooklyn jury got its first look at a defendant in drag, viewing video Tuesday allegedly showing a man dressed as his dead mother as part of a massive, years-long scam. Thomas Prusik-Parkin is on trial for ...
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New York Daily News
Scammer gets 10 years after failing to pay restitution
San Antonio Express
By Craig Kapitan Former football pro TJ Slaughter speaks to reporters outside the 437th state District Courtroom on Tuesday, April 24, 2012, after the sentencing of Mary Alice Monteza, 68, for theft. Monteza was ordered to serve 10 years after failing ...
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Suspected auto insurance scammer sentenced to five years for kidnapping
Yasmani Marquez, of Westchester, will serve five years behind bars for false imprisonment of fellow scammer. By B y DAVID OVALLE A violent kidnapping stemming from an auto insurance scam earned a Westchester man five years in prison.
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Police Capture Craigslist Scammer
Snellville Police suspect a person in New York was behind a recent car scam using the Atlanta Craigslist site. By Joy L. Woodson Snellville Police detectives say they have identified a suspect involved in the use of Craisglist to sell ficticious ...
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Con man or contract? Alleged 'pruner scammer' rips off senior citizens
Morgan Hill Times
Alfred Whitaker's backyard on Thames Drive near Christmas Hill Park was in dire need of a good pruning, and his wallet was in need of a good deal. And, being a trusting 77-year-old man, Whitaker and his 74-year-old wife Marlene wanted to help the ...
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Practical tips on avoiding travel scams
GMA News
The scammer promises an earlier arrival, much earlier than what other bus companies offer. Don't be tempted to ride with unscrupulous bus operators as your bags and luggage in the compartment area could be ransacked as you sleep. The worst part is, ...
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Charity's name used to gain access to bank details
The Daily Post
"It seems there is a bunch of scammers using the MS Society name to con people into giving them their credit card numbers and bank account details to steal money." He said if called, people should take down the scammer's details and forward them to ...
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Top 5 Internet Scams the FBI Warns Is Prevalent in US
Top Secret Writers
Scammers were using the death of Bin Laden to entice unsuspecting victims to download programs to watch video clips. However, the victims were actually downloading a Trojan virus. 2. Charitable Contribution Scam – A scammer has no real boundaries when ...
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