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Jamaica forms gov't task force to battle scams
CBS News
One 15-year-old scammer was able to buy his mother a house and drove around his community in a luxury car, Hinds said. The rising economic power of the swindlers is also having a corrupting influence on police. "Gangs are now contracted to seek out ...
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Alleged charity scammer arrested
Houma Courier (blog)
A Bourg woman going door-to-door to supposedly raise money for cancer patients was arrested Monday after stealing a wallet, police said. A homeowner told Terrebonne sheriff's investigators that Elly Dupre, 35, 110 Coraldene St., Bourg, ...
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Scammers look for secret shopper applicants
Turns out, a scammer is behind the job offer she got in the mail. The secret shopper letter Debra received in the US Mail appears to be endorsed by reputable retailers — their prominent logos are the perfect lure. "So, excited, I emailed and told them ...
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Scammer Uses Verizon Wireless Name to Target Hawaii Users; Obama Bites Dog
Hawaii Reporter
Windmills - the use of this invention is controversial in Hawaii - particularly on the neighbor islands. Many residents on Molokai and Lanai oppose a plan to erect windmills on the islands, with the power going to the island of Oahu via an undersea ...
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Suspected scammers to be charged
Go Jamaica
Meanwhile, he is making a strong appeal for the 20-year-old suspected scammer and his mother to turn themselves in. Yesterday, State Minister in the Technology Ministry, Julian Robinson, said the Government was moving to introduce tougher laws to ...
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EBay still battling the scammers
Retail Digital
Scammers are therefore given a bye past the first round, and can focus more on fooling people at a more crucial stage of the transaction. Usually, it is at the credit card stage where the scams take place. The modern culture of online shopping using ...
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Live Wire: Phone call may have been from scammer
Fayetteville Observer
But perhaps you're the victim of some scammer or prankster. Schulz said any Verizon customers who experience any kind of cell-service interruption should call the company's help line at 800-922-0204 to ensure their account hasn't been tampered with.
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Scammers have former Bank of Ghana governor Paul Acquah's 'passport'
Ghana Business News
Scammers operating from Ghana appear to be going to all lengths to bait and convince their potential victims to part with their hard earned money, by faking the passports of key public figures. They forge all kinds of documents including ID cards and ...
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Police hunt for 20-yo lottery scammer
Go Jamaica
Jamaican lottery scammers have been blamed for fleecing billions of dollars from unsuspecting persons in the United States. According to Robinson, approximately 30 thousand calls are made each day to the United States by Jamaican criminals attempting ...
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DCFS warns against SNAP scam
The scammer claimed to be making upgrades to the EBT card reader. DCFS Secretary Ruth Johnson says the agency has identified the owner of the card who denied any involvement in the scam. "After such a brazen attempt to commit fraud, we urge businesses ...
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