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Accused surrogacy scammer arrested
... the FBI have been following the money trail for years building their case. If convicted of these charges Collins could serve up to 60 years in federal prison and be forced to pay nearly two million dollars in fines. Accused surrogacy scammer arrested.
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Coachella 2012: Police nab Coachella ticket scammer
Hawaii's Big Island is home of big volcanos and big Coachella scams. It's clear that Anthony Derick Berson though he couldn't be caught. He thought it would be a great idea to sell tickets he didn't have to people he didn't know using various aliases ...
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Judge refuses bail release in case of accused Jets/concert ticket scammer
Winnipeg Free Press
A convicted con artist accused of scamming more online ticket buyers has lost her bid to be released from jail. Anita Lorraine Abrey, 37, was arrested last month and charged with bilking people on four occasions from March 2008 to December 2011.
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Truth of 419 Internet scam really 'a sad story'
Vancouver Sun
He also based the scammer in his novel, Winston, on the typical Nigerian con artist. "They're usually educated young men, far more educated than their opportunities allow. They often start as freelance operators, and get drawn into the mafia.
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Coachella Craigslist Ticket Scammer Anthony Berson Busted by Hawaii 5-0, Cops Say
LA Weekly (blog)
By Dennis Romero Fri., Apr. 20 2012 at 11:57 AM A genius in Hawaii allegedly advertised Coachella tickets via Craigslist but took the money and ran. Cops on the Big Island say 19-year-old Anthony Derick Berson of Keaʻau promised to send the tix and ...
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LA Weekly (blog)
DFAS warns service members of scam emails
Air Force Link
Scammers have even gone so far as to "spoof" DFAS email addresses so that the recipients would think it was actually coming from DFAS personnel. In a spoofing email, the scammer makes it appear that the message is coming from a legitimate source.
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Craig's List scam targets home buyers
Times Bulletin
The notice advertises a home for rent or lease that appears legit because the scammer has picked the home from a realtor's website and reposted it with a convincing story behind it. An example scam reads, "I have been transferred to South Africa and my ...
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