Tuesday, 9 April 2013

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Landscape scammer in the slammer
Gilroy Dispatch
South County's "landscape scammer" appeared in court April 4 for a sentencing that ended up being postponed, but in the meantime, he'll be locked up. Michael Oliveira, the 43-year-old Gilroy man who scammed at least 25 people into paying him for ...
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Police warn about tech scammers
The Register-Guard
In some instances, the scammers then secretly download a virus into the computer, the agency said. Following that, the scammers then offer to fix the problem, and secretly install software that captures banking information, passwords and other ...
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Top Artists Big Bang G-Dragon-Super Junior Ticket Scammer Caught
The police have stated that the scammer had been running a cafe where he was selling concert tickets for a ridiculous price and not sending out the tickets after receiving payment. It was revealed that starting from back in February, the scammer had ...
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Greece police: Scam victim's money sent to Peru
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Lt. Jason Helfer said an elderly town resident was recently victimized by a phone scammer who called and claimed to be from an out-of-town police department. The caller demanded $4,400 in bail money for the victim's grandson. According to police, it ...
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Kennewick Police: Beware of Scam Targeting Local Businesses
The scammer says officers will fine the company if they don not have the information posted in their office and asks for a credit card number to pay for the posters. "Those are things that you can get at no charge. Those are not things that you're ...
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