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Personal Loan Scam Busters: Launches New Video to Educate ...
Sacramento Bee
In an attempt to educate customers and prevent loan scams, released its new educational video and is soon to be followed with a series of additional videos and educational tools. (Photo: ...
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Scam alert: Be aware of varied ways con artists will try to gain your trust ...
Kingsport Times News
Those who fell for the scam, according to the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI), did not recognize the three telltale signs of a scam. Those signs are: An appeal to emotion, pressure to make a quick, uninformed decision, and a ...
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SA banks warn of new scam
"The latest scam targets home computer users and masquerades as legitimate telephonic calls from reputable computer software stores," the SA Banking Risk information Centre (Sabric) said on Monday. The "stores" advised victims their systems were faulty ...
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Sacramento Bee
The site now features a research article on recent methods of payday loan scams and how to avoid them. The site took the decision to publish the detailed article in order to raise consumer awareness and vigilance of some of the tactics used by scammers ...
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"Scam ads" hurt both brands and ad agencies says Wheaton - Exactly.
So Ken Wheaton in Adage concludes that scam ads hurts not only brands, but also agencies in this day and age. Yes, indeed! We're talking of course of the recent JWT Ford India ads with Berlusconi /Hilton & Schumacher binding and gagging their "worries" ...
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Credit card scam: STU advises teachers to be alert
The Borneo Post
STU secretary-general Yong Ing Thung was commenting on the news report where more than 100 teachers from seven primary and secondary schools here lodged police reports after falling prey to the scam. Yong also urged the bank concerned to seriously ...
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How much is that ferret in the window? Argentinians fall for scam passing off ...
The Independent
A gullible retired man in Argentina has fallen victim to a scam after discovering the toy poodle pups he bought at a local market were actually fluffed-up ferrets on steroids. The unnamed pensioner from Catamarca discovered he had been duped when he ...
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The Independent
Fake debt collectors imitate police officers in latest scam
This new warning stems from a debt collection scam in Spokane, Washington. The con begins with a phone call claiming to be from a police officer. The caller tells the victim they owe money and if they do not pay, they will be arrested. The caller ...
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LTA uncovers scam
Fiji Times
THE Land Transport Authority has uncovered a new and sophisticated scam involving unscrupulous vehicle dealers trying to manufacture vehicles in the country. Yesterday, authority chief executive officer Naisa Tuinaceva confirmed they were working with ...
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Scam averted at last minute
Owen Sound Sun Times
The Owen Sound woman's son Jon is safe and she didn't lose any money after she almost fell victim to a phone scam late last month. "It was the worst day of my life," said Cole. "It wasn't about the money. It was thinking Jon was in so much trouble and ...
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