Wednesday, 17 April 2013

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Female cyber-scammer blackmails Kuwaiti man with "incriminating" steamy video
The scammer later contacted him and threatened that the video would be posted online if he did not pay her 1,000 dinars (Dh12,865). However, the victim did not initially believe that she would go online with the "incriminating" clip and refused to give ...
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Computer/ Phone Scam
The Tribune News
In some cases, the scammers have the user download a virus. The scammer then offers to fix the issue for a fee. In other cases, scammers have the computer user download software that captures banking information, passwords, and other confidential ...
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Utility bills scam hitting customers who might be behind on payments
The scammer will suggest you buy a prepaid debit card or arrange for a cash pickup. WPS Community Relations Leader Leah Van Zile says those should be warning signs. "They would not be offended at all if somebody says, 'You know, I'm not sure about ...
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