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Hammer the scammer
Jamaica Gleaner
My first experience with a lotto scammer was around six years ago. A man brought into my cambio business two US-dollar banker's drafts, each for US$20,000, from a popular bank in the United States. They were designated cashier's cheques, and were ...
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Jamaica Gleaner
Asphalt scammers targeting city
Bandera County Courier
Contractor is from out of state or drives an unmarked truck - Itinerant scammers will often drive unmarked trucks or have out-of-state license plates. Even if they have a local phone number, scammers have recently been purchasing local cell phone plans ...
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A Kennewick Grandma Out Smarts Scammers
KENNEWICK, Wash.- Phone scammers victimize millions of people each year and grandma's seem to be easy targets. In less than two months, Grandma Betty Judkins received two phoney calls, as the caller claimed to be her grandson in an attempt to use ...
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Man lost $4k to 'arrested in Peru' scam
Why would I be in Peru?'" The grandfather, who had already sent another $3,000 to Lima -- this time via Western Union -- was able to stop the transfer before it reached the scammer. It is known that the first $4,000 sent was picked up at a Lima Western ...
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Scam artist unknowingly targets Kauai police chief
Hawaii News Now
"While this scammer's promises are so outrageous at times it can seem comical, the fact is there are a lot of people who willingly give their personal information and hard-earned money to strangers. And once that happens, almost nothing can be done to ...
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