Friday, 16 November 2012

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FOREX Ponzi Scammer Hit With Major Prison Sentence
According to federal prosecutors and regulators, between August 2004 and June 2009, Jeffery Lowrance, 50, and others at his direction fraudulently solicited investments for a foreign exchange ("Foreign") trading program. Among the alleged material ...
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Internet scammers target Instagram
New Zealand Herald
Symantec cyber security threat analyst Ben Nahorney wrote this week of the growing presence of scammers on Instagram - a photo sharing app which uploads photos to a website. He said it appeared scams using this website could be "fairly lucrative".
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Arab tourists warned of notorious scammers in London
Nasser al-Badri, a veteran Arab resident in London, told Al Arabiya that despite warnings given to Arab tourists, they still fall prey to these scams, adding that some of these scammers gained notoriety after using the same tricks over the years. One ...
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Modern technology fuels old-time scams
Albert Lea Tribune
The scammers send the citizen a real-looking check, which is actually a fake. Technology allows the scammer to cheaply print thousands of counterfeit checks that look authentic. The citizen is told to deposit the "check" and wire some amount of money ...
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New Scam Targets Holiday Shoppers
To protect yourself, ignore the text message and immediately contact your provider, which can block the scammer from sending you text messages. You may also want to report the incident to the Attorney General and Federal Trade Commission. Scammers ...
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