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2G scam: CBI gets SC nod to probe NGO secy Anil Kumar
Hindustan Times
The Supreme Court on Thursday gave the CBI go ahead to conduct an investigation against Anil Kumar, secretary of NGO Telecom Watchdog - one of the petitioners in the 2G scam before SC - for writing a letter to the CBI director giving a "virtual clean ...
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Reliance scam has wider ramifications
Rediff (blog)
Amongst all the allegations made by the civil society activists against corruption, Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan, the searchlight they held on Wednesday on the unholy alliance between the ruling Congress Party and Reliance Industries Ltd. falls ...
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Sweepstakes Scam Tricks Man Into Emptying Savings Accounts
Better Business Bureau (blog)
The promise of a multi-million-dollar sweepstakes 'win' blinded a Missouri man to a scam that induced him to fork over more than $41,000 over several months earlier this year. His story is an object lesson for anyone who gets a phone call, email or ...
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Better Business Bureau (blog)
Scams blow in with Hurricane Sandy
Allentown Morning Call
In the calm before the storm, hopefully you prepared as best as you could for Hurricane Sandy's arrival. Now that she's gone, it's important to remain calm after the storm, too. If a tree crushed your car or fell on your home, or if your roof or siding ...
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Subsidy Scam - Desperate Marketers Adopt New Strategies to Escape
Nigeria: Subsidy Scam - Desperate Marketers Adopt New Strategies to Escape. 1 November 2012. As the Presidency promises immediate action on the Ribadu Panel report when submitted, there are indications that President Goodluck Jonathan has ...
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Scam alert: Be cautious before giving to storm-relief efforts
The Oshkosh Northwestern
The Oshkosh Police Department is reminding residents of possible scams related to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. If you receive a phone call, email, or letter from someone asking for donations to the hurricane relief effort, verify who they are ...
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APMFC scam - CID expected to question Sourav Gangualy
APMFC scam - CID expected to question Sourav Gangualy. Submitted by admin4 on 1 November 2012 - 10:15pm. Indian Muslim. By TCN, Staff Reporter,. Hyderabad: Former Indian captain Sourav Gangualy is going to be interrogated for his 'business ...
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Here's How To Not Get Scammed By Hurricane Opportunists
Village Voice (blog)
So, your house was destroyed and it's time to rebuild. You're probably going to need a contractor. Unfortunately, there are a lot of slimeballs out there who will undoubtedly do whatever they can to scam hurricane victims and exploit a natural disaster ...
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Scam alert: Caller asks for bank info, pretends to be from Medicare
Jacksonville Daily Progress
"What some scam artists do is look through the phone book, searching for names (that might be common for certain generations, like seniors), then they'll call those people and ask for them by name." While people may be getting legitimate calls "because ...
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New scam could hold your computer hostage for $200
Nebraska Radio Network
Nebraskans are being warned about a new type of scam linked to a computer virus. What's known as "ransomware" is starting to appear on some laptops and PCs. Consumer advocate Sandy Chalmers says your machine may be afflicted if you've been on an ...
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