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Exchange club, police warn of 'marathon scammer'
The Daily News Journal
MURFREESBORO — A local Exchange Club official is warning business owners and local residents about a woman who is fraudulently seeking donations on behalf of the club. Dawn Eaton, executive director of the local Exchange Club Family Center, said a ...
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City warns of possible scammers
Iowa State Daily
The first scenario involves a scammer calling a customer to tell them about a "new federal program authorized by President Barack Obama" and that the city can issue credits or give partial payments for a customer's bill. They then say in order to give the credit, ...
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Residents warned about scammers
Narromine News
New South Wales Fair Trading is urging residents in the Narromine Shire to hang up on scam phone calls. Assistant Comm-issioner Robert Vellar said there had been a recent spate of scam telephone calls to residents in rural and regional areas. Reports ...
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Tell Mel: Beware of rent seekers
The News-Press
She has a sign in the yard with her number on it and people who see it when they drive by will usually call the local number instead of dealing with the scammer via email. She has reported the ads to Craigslist and has filed complaints with law enforcement.
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Another Scam: Is your friend abroad really in need?
They have been working on their craft for a long time, and frankly they have learned from generations of scammers who have honed it to a fine art. These are people whose great-grandfathers sold snake oil, bridges, and promises of great things, all while ...
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