Friday, 6 July 2012

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Scammer targets Trade Me advertiser
An Auckland woman who advertised online for a flatmate has ended up embroiled in a money laundering scam.
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English test scammer sentenced
The Australian
An Indian national who took part in a scam to falsify English language test scores to obtain visas has received a suspended jail term.
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Beware of rental property scams
The Daily Advertiser
However, the "landlord" asks the renter to wire a deposit for the house. The "landlord-scammer" may also tell the would-be renter that the real estate agent who was handling the property was fired, so they should ignore any signs posted in front of the ...
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Phone Scammer Targets Department of Public Works
The Northampton Township Police Department warns of a new scam that recently targeted the Department of Public Works.
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Curtin language test scammer Vinod Kumar Jaiswal avoids jail
Perth Now
AN Indian national who acted as an intermediary to have an English language test score changed was sentenced in the District Court today to six months and one day's jail suspended for 12 months.
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Real Estate Q&A: Beware of Mortgage-Reduction Scam
What the scammer is not telling you is that you still owe all of that money to the bank. And once the bank catches wind of what happened, it will go back to court and correct the issue. Further, because the closing companies are on to the scam, no ...
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Police Warn Of Scam Targeting Seniors
CBS Local
Typically, a scammer will contact a target by telephone or email pretending to be a favorite grandchild, niece or nephew, wait for the responding party to say a name, assume that person's identity and claim to need money to deal with an accident or ...
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State Police: Watch For Possible Scammer in Preston County
State Police: Watch For Possible Scammer in Preston County. Written by Andrew Forgotch. Created on July 05, 2012 @ 6:14PM. Police in Preston County want residents to be on alert. That's because they believe there's a man going door to door trying to ...
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Officials warn of online rental property scams
The Statehouse File
Scammers found one of real estate agent Diane Flowers Brooks' property listings on Craigslist, copied the information and listed the home for lease for $400 per month. The scammers said they were missionaries in Africa who charged low rents because ...
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