Wednesday, 11 July 2012

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Scammers are tricking Midwest utility customers to provide personal ...
ABC News
Utility companies in the Midwest are warning customers of a prevalent con that has already affected thousands on the East Coast in which a scammer claims households are eligible for an energy credit offered by President Obama.
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ABC News
Ex-Ridgewood scammer shows no remorse, says couple conned out of $1 million
EXCLUSIVE: A North Jersey couple told CLIFFVIEW PILOT they were disgusted by what they said was a total lack of remorse, or even interest, by a Ridgewood businesswoman during a federal court hearing today in which she admitted scamming them out of ...
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Scamming activity in city widespread
A scammer pretended to be interested in moving into the house, and then used the woman's account details to transfer money from another man as a way of laundering the money. Since then several readers have got in touch to detail their own experiences ...
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Beware of carbon scammers
Cumberland Courier Newspapers
CONSUMERS have been urged to beware scammers looking to put prices up and blame it on the carbon tax.
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Hamptons Afterprom Party Scammer Made $34000 Off Rich Teens
Here's a plot twist straight out of Gossip Girl: A woman renting her Hamptons home (above) returned to find 100 teens were using it as an afterprom crash pad. Also: Nicolas Cage, Hellboy, Michael Vick, Game of Thrones.
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Residents warned of spreading utility scam
So then residents go to pay their bill, using this routing number provided by the scammer, and the payment doesn't process. It's because the routing number is fake. So while residents think their bill has been paid, their account actually becomes ...
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Kiwis warned of fake Microsoft helpdesk scam
Previously the scammers simply took personal details but recently they have begun installing potentially malicious software purchased with the user's own stolen credit card details, adding a new element to the scam (for details of how the scam operates ...
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Scammers masquerade as 'prize patrol'
Stephenville Empire-Tribune
Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant is issuing a warning.
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