Saturday, 25 May 2013

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State calls man a paving scammer; judge tells him to stop
Lexington Dispatch
"Paving scammers use the promise of a good deal available now or never to scam homeowners out of thousands of dollars," Cooper said. "These hit-and-run scammers take consumers' money, do a shoddy job and then move on to another town in search of ...
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Scammers prey on faithful using fake Facebook pages
In addition to Hamilton, who leads the largest United Methodist congregation in America, the scammers have impersonated Bob Coy, who leads the 30,000-member Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Frank Santora of Faith Ministries, a megachurch in ...
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Scammer bilks Fairfax County residents out of hundreds
WASHINGTON - A new scam in Fairfax County has some residents worried they better pay up or their electric meter might explode. Dozens of residents and small business owners tell police they got a phone call from someone telling them their meter was ...
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NorthWestern Energy Warns About Bill Collection Scam
The business owner reported that the scammer told him if the payment was made immediately, his service would be terminated. The scam appears to be a new version of a scam that targeted NorthWestern customers earlier this year. The utility reported the ...
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