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Phone scammer telling victims to pay up or go to jail
Reached over the phone using the number he gave Madison, the scammer said he's an attorney who contracts with several law offices. He only named one law office, which he said is based in New York, but there is no evidence that the business even exists.
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Jacksonville scammer hired 'hit men' to kill assistant, business partners
Florida Times-Union
A Jacksonville investment con man who tried to have two business partners and an assistant killed has been found guilty of multiple charges. Monday a federal jury convicted 59-year-old Paul Stephen Kruse of conspiracy, wire fraud, attempting to murder ...
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Milford Police Looking For Possible 'Electric Company' Scammer
Hartford Courant
Milford Police Looking For Possible 'Electric Company' Scammer. Police Investigate Incident At Meadowside Road Home. Email · print. By KELLY GLISTA, The Hartford Courant. 8:44 p.m. EST, February 12, 2013. MILFORD— ...
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Phone scammer imitating Manitoba Hydro: Police
MetroNews Canada
Winnipeg police say a new telephone scam is making its way through the city. Police say the scammer calls unsuspecting people and pretends to be from Manitoba Hydro. The fraudster "then attempts to sell the victim a 'power saving device'. The victim is ...
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