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Anatomy of a scam: Phone caller warns your PC is infected
Houston Chronicle (blog)
But what many folks don't know is that there's a counterpart to this scam in the "real" world, in which con artists contact victims by phone to tell them their computers are infected. I hear several times a year from people who've fallen for this scam ...
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SFO warns of pet scam misusing airport's name
SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -- Officials are warning potential dog owners, specifically those wanting "Yorkie" dogs to beware of a pet scam that may be using the SFO name to entice its victims. Airport Duty Spokesman Doug Yakel reported ...
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Rihanna Sex Tape Scam Travels Around Facebook
Rihanna isn't the only celebrity with a recent sex tape scam on Facebook. Earlier this month, a viral scam made the rounds suggesting that Taylor Swift's iPhone had been hacked and a sex tape had been leaked. Clicking on the provided link directed ...
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Elderly woman duped in Social Security scam
Ct Post
MONROE -- If someone with an official-sounding voice calls claiming they are from the Social Security Administration and tells you they want to verify your Social Security number and the bank account you use for the federal government to deposit you ...
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NorthWestern issues scam warning
Sioux Falls Argus Leader
Sioux Falls-based NorthWestern Corp. is warning customers that scammers increasingly are posing as utility company employees or people trying to help them save energy costs. The fraudulent workers are trying to get customers to provide money, valuables ...
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Susan Hogan warns about new phone scam
Providence Eyewitness News
Hogan joined The Rhode Show Thursday morning to give a warning about a new telephone scam that seems to be sweeping the country. Scammers are pretending to call from the Do Not Call registry, asking unsuspecting people if they'd like to be placed on ...
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BBB warns of secret shopper, check scam
These sorts of scams can be devastating to victims. Typically, the "shopper" is sent a check - the BBB says they have been around $2,000 - and are asked to deposit it and then send part of it to someone else through a money transfer service, such as ...
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Pop-A-Lock scam suspect arrested
A Caddo Parish couple says when they called the system for help, the system turned it's back on them, then came after them. After a two month battle to get their daughter out of protective custody, ToddMore >>. A Caddo Parish couple says when they ...
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Rihanna sex video event scam spreads on Facebook
Naked Security
In the past, scams like this have been used to earn affiliates money by driving traffic to surveys or have installed Mac malware onto the computers of visiting Facebook users. Scams like this only spread because of human's natural curiousity and desire ...
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Naked Security
A $1 million scam to help her family - embezzler Annie Le avoids prison sentence
The Daily Telegraph
Yesterday, the Downing Centre Local Court was told the 31-year-old Marrickville woman scammed the money from life insurance provider TAL out of a "misguided" attempt to help her family. She had two sisters suffering from lupus - a debilitating ...
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