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"Can you fix my Windows 95 computer?": How to troll a tech support scammer
Ars Technica
Pity the poor employees of companies like "Windows Technical Support"—scammers who make money by "fixing" computers that were never broken in the first place. For the people who pose as Windows support technicians and cold call unsuspecting ...
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Ars Technica
Triumphs in Trolling: Scammer Gets Punked by a Tech-Savvy Mark
In recent days the FTC has announced a crackdown on a particularly pernicious type of scheme: Scammers who call you up, out of the blue, purporting to be from "Windows Technical Support." They tell you your computer is lousy with viruses, talk you into ...
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Scammers swindled 73000 distressed homeowners, Justice Department says
Central Valley Business Times
Typically, the con artist in such a scheme promises the homeowner that he can prevent foreclosure for a substantial fee by, for example, having so-called investors purchase the mortgage, or transferring title in the home to persons in league with the ...
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Vic web sex scammer jailed
A Melbourne man's online scam to dupe women into having sex with him by pretending to audition them for sex work reinforces the dangers of the internet for the unwary, a judge says. Steve Onnis, 36, was on Wednesday jailed for eight years after he ...
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NJ Targets Scammers Preying On Distressed Homeowners
New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio
As part of the national Distressed Homeowner Initiative described by Attorney General Eric Holder and other federal officials, the District of New Jersey has brought a number of significant criminal cases involving felony offenses during the fiscal ...
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Internet scammers 'a constant reality'
The Ashburton Guardian
The scammers targeted six English-speaking countries, including New Zealand, and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars by posing as Microsoft or Google employees offering tech support. It may seem worlds away from Ashburton, but Networks, Firewalls ...
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Hermiston billing scammer threatens to kidnap customer
The Republic
HERMISTON, Ore. — The city of Hermiston says someone falsely claiming to work for Hermiston Energy Services threatened to kidnap a customer after failing to dupe the person out of money. The city says the Spanish-speaker caller told the customer his ...
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Bell County Meat Scammer Sentenced
KXXV News Channel 25
By John Elizondo. BELL COUNTY - A Bell County man who scammed people out of thousands of dollars was sentenced to seven years in prison on Tuesday. 31-year-old Johnathan Barton was indicted on four separate theft cases. Barton posed as a ...
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The Leader Newspaper Online
Various businesses have fallen foul of the criminal activities in recent months, when the scammer would pose as an employee of a fire prevention and protection company, insisting that the mandatory inspection of extinguishers be carried out, replacing ...
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Newton launches anti-scam campaign
The scammer, now armed with personal information, claims to be in trouble on vacation and asks the victim to send money to bail them out of jail. Often, said Connoly, the victim will point out that the caller doesn't sound like their grandchild – at ...
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