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Avoid Getting Scammed in Sandy's Aftermath
Scam artists come out of the woodwork after natural disasters, taking advantage of the chaos, panic, and distraction. As the Northeast picks up and dries off from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy, there are bound to be crooks looking for ways ...
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Sophos warns Facebook users of scam: There is no free iPad mini
Vancouver Sun (blog)
You can count on the scam artists to keep up with the latest in technology. Less than a week after the launch of Apple's new iPad mini, Facebook users are the target of a scam that is offering them one of the mini tablets totally free. The computer and ...
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Vancouver Sun (blog)
Hurricane Sandy Scams: Officials Warn Of Crooked Contractors, Charities
Huffington Post
In Pennsylvania, Dauphin County Commission Chairman Jeff Haste cautioned local residents to be wary of people offering to do repair work and said senior citizens should be especially vigilant for scam artists, the Patriot News reports. When dealing ...
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Avoiding scams and cons in Sandy's aftermath
They'll call. They'll show up on your door. They'll offer you immediate help to reconstruct your home or an opportunity to contribute money to help others. "They," in this case, means the scammers who will be making their rounds in the aftermath of ...
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Scam alert: Revenue department warns of fraudulent calls and emails (blog)
The Oregon Department of Revenue issued a warning to taxpayers Tuesday about scam artists posing as tax collectors in an attempt to get personal information or cash through phone calls and e-mail. Some taxpayers have complained about receiving calls ...
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5 scams to avoid after Sandy
MSN Money
Insurance scams. If you've experienced damage to any of your personal property, call your insurance company first. Don't fall for fly-by-night "professionals" who make false guarantees about a claims check, damage appraisal, inspection or water quality ...
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Romney's Health Care Scam: 72 Million Americans Without Coverage
Huffington Post (blog)
Mitt Romney claims he has a health care plan, but his campaign website does little more than regurgitate poll-tested Republican talking points designed to mislead voters into believing that his plan would improve their lives. In fact, it will leave 72 ...
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Irrigation scam: Central water panel seeks details from Maharashtra
The Central Water Commission has written to the state Water Resources Ministry asking it to furnish full details of all contracts (above Rs 1 crore) awarded in the 17 irrigation projects in Maharashtra that are partly funded by the Central government ...
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KCTV5Election scam offers voters online ballot casting
KCTV Kansas City
People are doing anything to get out the vote in the final week, and scam artists are doing the same thing, making people think they have already cast their votes in ways that aren't possible. There is a lot of tedious work to be done in running a ...
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Marco police investigate online airline ticket scam
The News-Press
"Although the cases are still being actively investigated, we wanted to provide the public information to protect themselves from similar scams in the future. A national financial website identified the seven most common scams perpetrated on internet ...
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