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Island Crime Beat: Scam targets seniors
Another Garden Isle resident is reporting an attempted phone scam that seems to target elderly recipients of Medicare. Carol Ranger, of Kapa'a, said she and her husband have a police background, and it is not the first time that they have had scam calls.
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Scam targeted at babysitters
Wisconsin consumer protection specialists are warning about a scam targeted at nannies or babysitters. The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection says one person applying for a babysitting job recently recognized her potential ...
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Several People Feel Scammed by Paving Company
VERONA -- Dozens of people have said they have been duped by a paving scam that has made its way to the Valley. The owner of BJ and Sons pavement has been brought up on new charges and the people who have said he scammed them, want their ...
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Romania detains 22 in health care scam
BUCHAREST — Romanian police have detained 22 people, around half of them doctors, over a scam that bled the ailing health care system of $640,000 in reimbursements for fictitious medical tests, investigators said Sunday. The fraud involved a huge ...
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Pacific Carbon Trust is a scam that must be closed for good
The Province
This Pacific Carbon Trust scam that has been exposed by auditor general John Doyle was predicted by Lord Christopher Moncton seven years ago. If we recall, the scheme started with the movie An Inconvenient Truth, put out by former U.S. vice-president ...
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Handbag scam targets Asians in Australia
Then they tell the victims they are possessed by evil spirits and offer to help them to get rid of the spirits. By the time the victims realise what is happening, the scammers would have left with their money or jewellery, reported Melbourne newspaper ...
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Police Warning Residents About New Scam in Midland
MIDLAND - There's a new scam going around Midland we want to warn you about and it involves Midland Memorial Hospital. Earlier this week, an elderly couple got a phone call from a caller saying they were with the hospital and they were raising money ...
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Six persons sentenced in 2004-06 post office scam
Zee News
Ghaziabad: A special CBI court has sentenced six people to three to six years imprisonment in the 2004-2006 post office scam. Special judge MS Wadhwa found six persons guilty and awarded six years imprisonment to Kanhaiya Lal, Prashant Tyagi, Sushant ...
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