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Computer scam accuses you of viewing child porn
Computer scam accuses you of viewing child porn. The FBI is warning consumers of an elaborate computer scam that involves the computer accusing the user of viewing child pornography and demanding $300. Post to Facebook. Computer scam accuses ...
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Stock guru scam: IT official took bribe in crores
Deccan Herald
CBI today carried out searches at office and residence of a Deputy Commissioner, Income Tax after registering a case against him for allegedly taking bribe running into crores of rupees during the department's probe into the Rs 500-crore Stock Guru scam.
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Was lottery scam to blame for murder of girl, 8, in Jamaica?
The Week UK
IMANI GREEN, the eight-year-old London girl murdered in Jamaica, is thought likely to have been gunned down in a revenge attack over a lottery scam, the country's security minister has said. Peter Bunting said Imani could be one of hundreds killed due ...
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The Week UK
State issues warning about senior scam
Bloomington Pantagraph
The Illinois Department on Aging issued the warning after Springfield police reported that two elderly women lost almost $7,000. Police said a man called the women and said he worked at their bank. They provided information from their bank statements ...
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Hundreds of victims in Deegan ticket scam
The names of hundreds of Vermonters tied to false state police traffic tickets have been released. Monday the department identified roughly 600 people connected to more than 900 tickets written by former State Police Sergeant James Deeghan. Police say ...
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Scam accuses you of viewing child porn
DENVER - The FBI is warning computer users to watch out for a sophisticated scam that could literally hold your computer for ransom. The scam accuses you of viewing child pornography and orders you to pay a fine to avoid federal prosecution.
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Ethanol scam drives food prices up, stifling economic recovery
Centre Daily Times
For more than two decades, special interests have persuaded Congress to mandate that Americans buy ethanol whether they want to or not. As a result, 40 percent of the U.S. corn crop is used for ethanol rather than food. The ethanol mandate means that ...
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Centre Daily Times
Rössing Falls for Banking Scam, Pays Dearly
RÖSSING Uranium Limited became the victim of a rather sophisticated banking scam when it was hoodwinked into paying a N$2,9 million TransNamib account into a hoax South African bank account. The uranium mine reportedly received instructions on a ...
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Scam Alert: Craigslist buyer tries to get money from seller
The bank told Pickett that's when victims of this scam often take out the extra money as instructed, and send it back to the scammer. "And then a few days later it would say there's no funds available and that it's a phony check, and then I would have ...
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