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Scammer targets business
South Bend Tribune
Scammers are out to get anyone and everyone; as long as they are successful in their mission to fraudulently obtain money, they don't really care whether it comes from an individual or a business.
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Councillor warns against high-tech scammers wanting access to computers
This is Grimsby
HI-TECH scammers are still targeting local people.Trading Standards officers issued a warning earlier this year in response to reports of cold callers, claiming to be from Microsoft, attempting to...
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ONLINE SAFETY: Internet scams of 2011: Romance scams
Heritage Newspapers
In the beginning of an online relationship, the scammer can shower their newfound love with gifts in order to appear legitimate. The terms "boyfriend" or "fiancé" may be used quickly to cement the bond with promises of impending marriage. Continued.
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Remand for scammer
Cyprus Mail
ACTA : Controversial ACTA legislation discussed; Cyprus : Support for modernisation of electricity generation; Alexis Galanos : Cyprob campaign to be launched during presidency; Cyprus : Remand for scammer; 14 : Teen admitted to multiple burglaries ...
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Online fraud
The Economist
He argues that scammers are rational actors. A big cost for them is the time they spend coaxing fully into their net those who show initial interest. So they need to select the most promising targets, rather than timewasters or the wary. "By sending an ...
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'Spiritual healer' spirits away $5000 from Madison woman, police say
Wisconsin State Journal
The scammer told her to show the cash, and when she did so, the scammer said the money needed to be blessed and relinquished for two days so nothing negative would happen to her family. "She wasn't comfortable giving that amount of money, but after ...
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